Green Spring Tennis and Educational Foundation

GSTEF Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2013

11:10 AM, via Phone Conference

Meeting called by Janet Paulsen
Note taker, Lisa LiPira
Timekeeper, Lisa LiPira
Attendees, Janet Paulsen, Lisa LiPira, Gina Messersmith

Meeting was called to order by Janet Paulsen, the board waited for Rob Carpenter for 10minutes and then began.

1st Order of Business- Add Gina Messersmith to the board as Treasurer, and move Lisa Lipira to Secretary. Rob Carpenter expressed concurrence when previously queried via email.

Treasurers Report, bank balance $12,354.16

Discussions related to the following were held:

GSTEF will award the Ramon Santamaria Outstanding Senior Tennis Award in March 2013. The board reviewed   the nominees and voted unanimously for the award to be presented to Harry Downs. Presentation will be at a cocktail party in March date TBD.

GSTEF's Annual Fundraiser on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012, "What's the Racquet? Was a huge success and this year’s fundraiser will be patterned after it, in the fall. Committees are already forming.

GSTEF supplements  the USTA Junior Team Program at Green Spring Racquet Club by lending financial support, as well as supporting summer camps and Owings Mills special needs students.

GSTEF will further explore the possibility of having a kid’s carnival in the spring

Active search will begin for a grant writer.

Meeting was adjoined at 11:30