Green Spring Tennis and Educational Foundation

Board Meeting, April 9, 2015

Green Spring Tennis and Educational Foundation
Board Meeting at GSRC
Thursday, April 09, 2015 10: 00am

  1. Call to order present: Helen Shafer, Janet Paulsen, Courtney Bruno, Christine Heaphy Stacy Hoffman, Gina Messersmith, and Janet Paulsen. Discussed the vision of GSTEF and introduced new flyer. Janet recognized Laura Redford for doing a great job in heading up all the adaptive tennis programs for GSTEF.  Helen will help in the training of volunteers for the adaptive programming.
  2. Treasurer/ Financial reports.  Courtney and Gina discussed fundraiser results from 2014. They will be emailing out to all board members a comparison to the 2013 fundraiser and the balance. Discussed was the new computer program. Acknowledgement of Michael Per accounting and his pro bono work to GSTEF. Voted unanimously to purchase a banner for Per and Associates for the GSRC courts.  Janet updated the progress of grant writing.
  3. Helen will be working on the structure and duties of board members. Voted on new positions for the GSTEF board.  The GSTEF board now consists of 6 people. Janet Paulsen President, Helen Shafer Vice President, Courtney Bruno Treasurer, and Christine Heaphy Secretary, Gina Messersmith and Stacy Hoffman.
  4. Voted on “Ray Santamaria Senior Award. Read all nominations and voted unanimously on Carolyn Fitzgerald as the winner.  Discussed possible party dates.
  5. Discussed Miss Rose Day, flyers etc. Suggestions were given for how to get press coverage.  Helen suggested a Facebook page for GSTEF.
  6. The board discussed financial assistance and organizations we can work with in the future.  Maggies Light and Samuel Ready Scholarship programs were mentioned.
  7. Other business discussed was the need to involve more people with the GSTEF board through committees, etc.
  8. Meeting was adjourned.