Green Spring Tennis and Educational Foundation

GSTEF Minutes
Board of Directors Meeting
May 15, 2012

Organizational Issues

GSTEF has been approved as a legal non-profit organization after months of hard work.

Liability insurance has been acquired for tennis professionals who are teaching as a part of an NJTL or CTC.

The board is looking for a secretary to fill in for the Board of Directors. Preferably with someone who has fundraising experience.

The board is currently in the process of filing tax returns for the organization.

For the website, include a timeline that describes the developmental stages of the GSTEF.

Ex Pow-anpongkul announced his resignation from the board.



In trying to obtain more donations for GSTEF, the board is looking to reach out to the community to get tournament tickets (e.g. Legg Mason, World Team Tennis), signed tennis equipment, and VIP event packages.

Discussed the successful Valentine’s Day fundraising event selling chocolate racquets to supporters, which raised $400 for the foundation.

Key for GSTEF – finding big donors to help support our mission.

Possible dates to hold the next annual fundraiser similar to Oktoberfest. October is a difficult fundraising month in general. Possible alternate months: April, August.

President Carpenter is looking at a fundraising project where people could donate funds to the organization in memory of a late family member or friend.

Men’s doubles tennis tournament in mid June as a GSTEF fundraising tournament. Mixed doubles tennis tournament in late August.

Community Outreach

Continuing our last week of community outreach at Cockeysville, MD.

Camp Honeybee – plans for this summer.

Moving forward with the budget, USTA will give 50% matching scholarships that we could give to GSTEF children.

We want to reach out to larger group of children and adults, especially children and teenagers who are wanting to take on tennis as a lifelong fitness sport or have the goal of obtaining a tennis scholarship at a division I school.

There is a big obstacle for kids who want to get seriously involved in tennis whether it is paying for equipment, getting funds to play in tennis tournaments, or travel expenses to play tennis.